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Bhutan also known as the Dragon Kingdom, is a rich mosaic of different cultures, traditions, life styles, ethnic groups, languages and belief systems. It is astounding that a country with a population of just over half a million speaks as many as nineteen different dialects and a few major languages. Diverse as it may seem, yet the Bhutanese socio-culture fabric is well interlaced and harmonized mainly due to the common thread of simple Buddhist values that the people share. Our cultural tours are the easiest way to get a taste of Bhutan. Each town has a Dzong dating back from the 1600s, and many old temples and monasteries. In our trip, we will visit Thimphu valley (the capital of Bhutan) and Paro. 

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Day 1


In and around Paro, Thimphu

The Tour Starts at 10 AM in the Morning. If You happen to be arriving in the Morning on Tour Starting Date Our Representative will come and pick you up at the airport. Else we could pick you From Your Hotel in Thimpu too.

Arriving at the Paro International Airport, our representative will receive you and drive to Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. The drive takes you through the winding road with lots of beautiful hamlets. En-route, visit Simtokha Dzong, officially known as ‘Sangkak Zabdhon Phodrang’ or the Palace of the Profound Meaning of Secret Mantras. Built in 1629 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, it is often said to be the first Dzong built in Bhutan and is a gateway to Thimphu Valley. Next visit the Memorial Chorten ,it also known as the Thimphu Chorten, is a large Tobetan-style Buddhist Monastery is a popular landmark in the city with its golden spires and bells. It was built in 1974 to honor the memory of the third king, JigmeDorjiWangchuck and lastly visit the TashichhoDzong, located on the northern edge of the city of Thimpu, on the western bank of the Wang chuTashichhoDzong and is Bhutan's most stately and arguably the most impressive building. Proceed to the hotel Checkin and Overnight in Thimpu.


Inclusions: Accomodation, Lunch, Dinner, Transport, Tourist Guide, Monuments Entrances.

Sightseeing: Simthokha Dzong, Memorial Chortan, Tashichho Dzong

Tour Highlights: Panoramic View at Thimpu, Simthokha Dzong ,Memorial Chortan, Tashichho Dzong

Please Note: Hotel Checkin would be done after the sightseeing.

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Day 2


After breakfast, visit the is the National Library of Bhutan which was first established in 1967 under the patronage of HM Queen AshiPhuntsoChoden (1911–2003), with a small collection of precious texts. Then proceed towards the The Folk heritage museum which is a three storied traditional building houses the Folk Heritage Museum. The earthen and timber building was renovated and restored few years ago to appear as it was century ago. Established in 2001 in Thimphu, the museum provides glimpse into the traditional Bhutanese material culture and way of life. Lastly visit The National Institute of Traditional Medicine which was was established in 1988 with the concept to merge the allopathic and traditional systems of healing. It contains an impressive, large laboratory and production facilities that ensures quality of the products, the components of which includes plants, minerals, animal parts, precious metals and gems. And if the time permits also visit the Takin Sanctuary.

Inclusions  : Accomodation, Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner, Transport, Tour Guide, Monument Entrances

Sightseeing : National library of Bhutan (NLB) ,The Folk heritage museum, The National Institute of Traditional Medicine

Tour Highlights  : National library of Bhutan (NLB) ,The Folk heritage museum, The National Institute of Traditional Medicine 

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Day 3


In and around Punakha

After breakfast, we will drive to Punakha. Enroute visit of the Dochula pass, located 30 km away from the capital, on the way to Punakha from Thimphu offers a 360-degree of beautiful panoramic view of Himalaya mountain range, especially on clear winter days. Secondly visit

 the ChimiLhakhang , a monastery is dedicated to Lama Drukpa Kinley or ‘the Divine Madman’. An accomplished master of Mahamudra Buddhist Tradition, he is also known as the ‘Mad Saint’ for his unorthodox ways of teaching Buddhism by singing, humor and outrageous behavior, which amounted to being bizarre and strong sexual overtones and inclinations then procced to visit the Punakha Dzong, a six-storied structure with a central tower or Utse at an average elevation of 1,200 metres (3,900 ft) with a scenic, mountainous background. Return to hotel and Overnight


Inclusions : Accomodation, Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner, Transport, Tour Guide, Monument Entrances

Sightseeing  : Dochula pass, ChimiLhakhang, Punakha Dzong

Tour Highlights :  Dochula pass, ChimiLhakhang, Punakha Dzong 

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Day 4


After breakfast we will hike to KhamsumYulleyNamgyalChorten.

Drive 12 km north of Punakha and hike to KhamsumYulleyNamgyalChorten, a fine example of Bhutanese architecture and artistic traditions. An hour hike to the Chorten, through a moderately inclined trail surrounded by pine trees, this site offers beautiful view of the Punakha Valley. The Chorten built to remove negative forces and promote peace, stability and harmony in the changing world dominates the upper Punakha Valley with commanding views across the Mo Chhu and up towards the mountainous peaks of Gasa and beyond.

A fine example of Bhutanese architecture and artistic traditions, the KhamsumYulleyNamgyalChorten stands out on a beautiful ridge above the Punakha valley. This 4-storey temple was built by Her Majesty the Queen Mother, AshiTsheringYangdonWangchuck as per the Holy Scriptures and took 9 years to complete it. This temple has been dedicated for the wellbeing of the kingdom, its people and all sentient beings.

Inclusions   : Accomodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Transport, Tour Guide, Monument Entrances.

Sightseeing       : KhamsumYulleyNamgyalChorten

Tour Highlights : Hike to KhamsumYulleyNamgyalChorten

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Day 5


After Breakfast, Drive to Paro to visit the Paro Dzong , one of the most impressive and well-known dzongs in Bhutan. One of the finest examples of Bhutanese architecture, it is also known as the RingpungDzong, which means ‘fortress on a heap of jewels’. It is the administrative seat of the district of Paro. The dzong was built in the 16th century on the foundation of a monastery built by Guru Rinpoche. It was used on numerous occasions to defend the Paro Valley from invasions by Tibet.Also visit the The National Museum of Bhutan is housed inside the revamped circular Ta-dzong building, an ancient watchtower above the Paro Dzong. This unusual round building is said to be in the shape of a conch shell. The original building was constructed in 1656 but the building was converted into a museum in 1968. Transfer to the Hotel Checkin and Overnight.

Inclusions   : Accomodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Transport, Tour Guide, Monument Entrances.

Sightseeing       : Paro Dzong, The National Museum of Bhutan

Tour Highlights: Paro Dzong, The National Museum of Bhutan 

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Day 6


Breakfast at the hotel and full day dedicated to the siteseeing of Paro, visit the The DrukgyelDzong in Paro built as one of the four principal Dra Dzongs (defense fortress). It was built in 1649 to commemorate the victory of the Bhutanese over the allied Tibet-Mongol forces. Drukgyel means ‘the fortress of victory’also visit the KyichuLhakang Located close to the Paro Airport, the KyichuLhakhang is an important Himalayan Buddhist Temple. It is one of Bhutan’s oldest religious sites built in the seventh century. This temple is one of 108 built by Tibetan emperor SongtsenGampo to subdue a demoness who prevented the spread of Buddhism. End your day with a visit to the Taktsang Monastery, perched on the side of a vertical cliff at 3000 m altitude north of Paro, this monastery creates an impressive sight, and is the unofficial symbol of Bhutan. It is one of the most famous Buddhist Monasteries in Bhutan and is also referred to as the ‘Tiger’s Nest’. Return to the hotel and Overnight.

Inclusions   : Accomodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Transport, Tour Guide, Monument Entrances.

Sightseeing       : DrukgyelDzong, KyichuLhakang, Taktsang Monastery

Tour Highlights : Town of Paro 

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Day 7


After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the airport for your flight onward.

Inclusions : Breakfast, Transport

Please Note   : Please Note That you will be Dropped at the Airport or any other location of your choice. Please Plan Accordingly your Onward Journey.

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In accordance to the COVID 19 pandemic all our tours are operated with all precautionary measuresincluding SANITIZED CARS/COMPLIMENTARY SANITIZERS/MASKS (Your safety is our priority)

  • All Inclusive Tour. – Hotels / Full Board Meal/Transport / Guides / Monument Fees.
  • Visit the most ecofreindly country of the World
  • Visit of the Simtokha Dzong,the palace of the profound meaning of secret Mantras
  • Witness the TAKIN, a rear animal also the national animal of Bhutan in the wildlife reserve in Thimpu
  • Take a Panormic view of the WHITE BEAUTY OF THE GREAT HIMALAYAS like never before.
  • Embark on a long hike to one of Bhutan’s most revered icons, Taktsang (“Tiger’s Nest”) Monastery
  • Kyichu Lhakhang - One of the oldest Buddhist Monastry of Bhutan.
  • Bazar walk in Paro.

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