Travel with confidence

Travel with confidence

These are the challenging time for the Tourism Industry and we Understand the apprehensions of Our Esteemed Guest towards making a booking for their Tour anywhere. With This in Mind we have Formulated a Flexible Policy for our clients wherein we provide a customer friendly booking strcuture with low booking amounts, Possibility of postponing the tour or even cancellation at zero charges. We shall be vigilant towards the secuirty and Health of our clients and will make sure that our clients don’t face any problem at any stage. Thats a MTA Promise to You.

COVID-19 Travel Promise

MTA Gives You More In Many Ways, Than Any Other Tour Operator. We have all taken trips where the little “extras” really busted the budget. On a MTA Tour, you get an easy, hassle-free, all-in-one vacation that gives you the freedom to let your hair down and just enjoy!


In Order to make a Booking easy and less burdensome to our clients we have kept the booking amount as low as 10% of the land cost (Excluding flights and others where a larger some is required right at the moment of Booking). Rest of the amount could be paid in installments. We even provide the facility of making the Balance Payment upon Arrival. We will be straightforward in our dealings and will always update you with the right Information.

Balance Payment

The Balance up to the amount of 50% could be paid upon arrival at the Destination with the credit card even in cash on certain Tours. Untill one week before your arrival you could postpone your tour to any other date with certain terms and conditions which shall be discussed with you before making the final reservation. Every Tour is unique and consist different kind of services that’s why the policy of postponement gets finalized at the time of booking.

Before your Departure

After the Booking Reservation is complete we shall continue to Monitor the current situation of your chosen Destination. In case we find Probelems with your Holiday Destination we shall keep updating you and if the situation come to a point where Touring could not be possible due to pandemic Conditions we shall discuss with you the possibility of defering or cancelling the tour and update you about the refund amount and time. With MTA your Tour and Money is absolutely secure.

Assistance & Advice

Throughout your Tour, From Beginning till end, Our specialist shall be in touch with you all the time providing Honest, knowledgeable information to You. We have a team of Multilingual Experts who are always ready to help you so that you never feel insecure. We always remain in touch with our clients and keep checking with them everynow and then. With us you are never away from help. In case of any adversity Our Team shall reach you in no time.

Using everything safe

Our Guides will conduct a Health and Safety briefing with you before the tour begins and will help everyone ensure they adhere to social distancing, hygiene And Follow local regulations. Vehicles will be thoroughly cleand and disinfected after each excursion Trip. We offer hotels that have undergone a detailed hygiene assessment, have specific COVID-19 protocols in place and comply with government standards.All the restaurants we visit will be researched and inspected regularly to ensure that they follow the strictest safety guidelines.

COVID-19 Testing

We have partnered with Confirm Testing to provide our clients with access to one of the most reliable PCR testing and Fit to Fly certificates on the market, already tried and tested by some of our team. Speak to a Travel Specialist for advice before booking your test. We have doctors available on phone call 24 X 7, in case of slightest feel of change in health just inform us, and we will make you talk the Doctor.

Guides and escorts :

Our guide willconduct a Health and Safety Drill with you before the visit starts and will assist everybody with guaranteeing they adhere to social separating, cleanliness practices They will convey a stock of face covers and hand sanitiser for you.

Should anybody on the tour become sick, your National Escort will guarantee the individual gets quick clinical Treatment.

Transport And Sightseeing

Our Vehicles will will be regularly sanitized with disinfectant after every trip, hand sanitiser will be given to the travellers on every Outing and vehicles will be thoroghly Cleaned before travelers board. Our Guides will keep an eye on circumstance on the ground and maintain a necessary distance from Other groups.


We will just offer lodgings that have gone through a through cleanliness appraisal, hav COVID-19 facility set up and conform to government norms.


All the Restaurants we visit will be investigated and reviewed routinely to guarantee that they follow the strictest wellbeing, neatness and security rules.

Why Travel With MTA?

100% Tailor made

Every Detail of the tour is planned as your needs.

Visit and Experience organized to meet your pace.

Visit and Experience organized to meet your pace.

Plan the itinerary that best suits your need with our specialists.

Best of Hotels

We work with all major Hotel chains.

Inventory of lesser known Amazing boutique Hotels

Our Expert will help you select your perfect Hotel

Home Stays, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Tents and Villas

The Best of Guides

Expert Guides, who are the best at what they do

Tried and tested for many many years

A guide could be a differnce in making your trip memorable

Explain the culture, not just the mugged up history

Believe in Excellency

We at MTA believe in deliverying the best of Everyting.

Our Experts have extensive knowledge of the destinations.

The Expert who handles your tour remains always in touch

We give emphasis on the minutest of the details.