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Beach and Islands

‘Wow’ is the word which comes out when hearing about beach tour. A lovely view of large water body surrounded by sand and large boats is spectacular and highly attractive. Beaches are meant for just fun, peace of mind and a great rejuvenation from day to day life. There are wonderful places in India that comprise of beautiful and refreshing beaches where one can swim, take boat/ship rides, get sun bath, play around or just sit for long hours observing nature. My Tour Advisor gives a fantastic opportunity to all people looking for beaches tour. We offer you with different packages in different places like Goa and Lakshadweep. We have management for five day cruises taking visitors to islands where they can experience scuba diving, snorkeling, angling and swimming. So, the total amount of fun that visitors will get is immeasurable.

Hotels which will be offered to you are of premium level and a simply comfortable plus luxurious stay can be enjoyed during the stay. Beaches are so attractive that one looks forward to go again and again whenever time permits. And why not pack your bags soon and get ready to explore the most awaited trip with us. 

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