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Spiritual sites, friendliest people, travel enlightenment and beautiful mountains define the loveliness of Nepal. The Himalayan Mountains are best for doing mountaineering and tracking. Moreover, you must not skip the opportunities of enjoying wildlife. Do you also feel the adrenaline rush on seeing excellent sightseeing? The minute you step into the soil of Nepal, you can easily feel the freshness of nature. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal has cuddled up the craziness, spirituality, and vibrancy. Even the UNESCO Heritage is also situated here. At the very first glance Nepal has a lot more to offer to the traveller. There is a magic in the air that you can unfold and love to go. Eventually, My Tour Advisor plans your journey in a way that you can witness major attractions in India and Nepal. The place is considered as heart of the travellers because for them it is like breathing. It’s time for you to pack your back and prepare yourself for an adventurous time. When you are traveling to Nepal, you should not have any excuse or regret for not going there. Nowhere will you find the fascinated serene exquisiteness. Contact My Tour Advisor to plan an alluring trip to Nepal.


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North Nepal | 11 Days

Gems of Nepal & Bhutan

Nepal and Bhutan are hidden gems of South Asia. Nepal, home to the planet’s highest peak, is rich in vibrant culture and serene natural settings. In nepal we will take you to visit some ancient palaces of Royal families and some important hindus and buddhist religious places. Her more secluded neighbour, Bhutan, is an intriguing country where age-old traditions are still preserved in the midst of globalisation. Bhutan is famous for its scenic beuaty, lakes Meadows  and some very old monastries.This Tour will take you to best of the places of nepal and Bhutan. Come join us on this Incredinle Journey

Inclusions :

Entrance Tickets

Price : USD 1000 Per Person

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South Nepal | 11 Days

Crown of Himalaya | Nepal

Settled away in the lap of the Himalayas, Nepal is home to eight of the world's tallest mountains - including Mount Everest - the world's most noteworthy pinnacle. Known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, it is a landlocked nation, covering a region of 147,181 sq kms. Circumscribed by India toward the South, East and West and China toward the North. 

The delightful mountain country has a lot to charm the travelers. Katmandu, the capital city has numerous Buddhist Temples, covered in spiritualist emanation. This Tour  takes you on a timeless journey through Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Kathmandu is home to world heritage monuments such as Swayambhunath and Kathmandu Durbar Square. Pokhara is the cradle of adventure, and Chitwan National Park is home to tigers, rhinos and elephants.

Inclusions :

Entrance Tickets

Price : USD 1000 Per Person

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