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Sri Lanka

A tear from India that fell into the Indian Ocean, that's how the Republic of Sri Lanka, formerly known by the name of Ceylon. It is a dynamic country, a fascinating compendium of culture and nature. Her history, its rich heritage of ancient temples and palaces, its spiritual roots, its colonial past makes Sri Lanka an incredible jewel of culture, adventure and leisure. It is a thrill to be able to explore the ancient heart of Sri Lanka full of spectacular ruins of cities and Buddhist testimonies dating back to the 1st century BC Particular is the visit to the orphanage that houses 250 elephants, unique in the world, at the Uda Walawe reservoir. The tropical climate of Sri Lanka is favorable for the cultivation of tea, of excellent quality, which is exported to Worldwide. The many beaches of the island are ideal for spending a relaxing time in the shade of palm trees. It is a hospitable country that amazes for its history, for its marvelous verdant landscape, for its important ones.

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