Before Leaving for India

1.India is a Year-long destination but NOT all destinations are yearlong.

2.Can’t do it all in one go. Take your pick. Plan to do regions, routes or interest.

3.Choose your Hotels by the Fear of Unknown scale. The more you worry about the quality of sheets, bed, windows, balconies, service, etc the higher the category of hotel you need.

4.Independent Organized Travel Allows you to do the Most in your limited time.

5.Diverse Regions Trip is more expensive than same region Trip.

6.Type of Hotels you choose will be the single most factors in determining the Price band of your tour.

7.The Hotels chosen by guest largely reflect their reviews of the trip. The more expensive the Hotel, the better the review.

8.It is much harder to organize a great Budget Trip than a great Luxury trip.

9.India is cheap for survival but expensive for Luxury.
Best Guides are generally available for Group tours, as individual guides choose to work with group over foreign individual travellers.

11.Train Travel is very convenient for Budget Traveller for long distance travel.

12.Book train travel as much as 3 months in advance in India. This is especially true for busy routes and season time.

13.Summer is season for all Hill destinations and Winter for most foreign tourist destinations ( especially Delhi, AgraJaipur and other parts of Rajasthan )

14.Local bus travel is best left out as a mode of transportation in India.

15.It is largely safe for women to travel in India however one does need to be careful and use discretion.

16.Don’t confuse yourself with too many choices- Do not overkill yourself by comparing too many things. Use simple barometer- time of the year for travel, no. of days to travel and the kind of traveller you are (backpacker, Budget or Luxury) and you will get a possible charter to undertake.

17.Look for Local Operator with International Offices /Online reputation
Tip as much as you think is reasonably rewarding- especially for your guides and drivers. For other small errands – luxury a dollar or two per errand, budget 50 cents or a dollar per errand. At restaurants -5 % is fairly reasonable.

19.Make sure you seek advice from someone with similar needs and requirement. It is all about having expectations and getting them met. Be as specific as you can be when making a point.

20.A budget Hotel that is Value for money or a GREAT BUY, will get booked faster than the time you have while looking at a Shooting star falling from the sky.

21.Festivals are a great way to experience India. Build your travel around Festivals to enhance your experience.
If you have questions like what to do for 2 weeks in India or 3 weeks in India or stuff like that , just see any itinerary with any travel agent and , you will get your answer.

23.Single Travel costs nearly the same (with less than 5% difference) as two people travelling together on Independent tours.

24.Compare only apple to apples. It is essential to know that you are comparing the right hotels; just comparing the same category might not reveal the truest of pictures.

25.Culture and Heritage is the most popular interest of travellers to India .