The destination place for many travelling lovers, Thailand is the traveling hub situated in Southeast Asia. The gorgeous beaches and lush green mountains attract many people from different parts of the country. The journey goes from Bangkok to Krabi, Chiang Main to Pai. If you dream of turquoise water or white sand, then Thailand is an ideal place where you can find all. The destination beaches are never be missed out. My Tour Advisor brings the unique places to visit in front of you and make your trip miraculous forever. Why Thailand to plan your next journey? It is well said that home where your bag is and it is true when it comes to Thailand. You will definitely get the positive vibe and natural loveliness that makes this place even more stunning. There are enormous reasons that you make y9ou to visit Thailand. 1. Appetizing food The Thailand food is counted amongst spiciest and tangiest one. The roadside food is making the visitors mad over them. 2. Enjoy beach football In Thailand, you can make many friends with the common method i.e. Beach football. it is more enjoyed when you play football at evening time. 3.  Peace of mind The air of Buddhism brings peace of mind. Your heart will definitely fill with faith.