When we talk about Maldives, the first image come across the eyes are pristine beaches, luxurious hotels and sand. Without any doubt, Maldives is raising the bar in term of the real prettiness of nature.  The sunny day, gloomy seascapes and clean water make a logical reason for this place to die for. For most of the people, Maldives is in the ‘bucket list’.Here, you will find the life on the high end. With My Tour Advisor, you can make Maldives as your kind of happy place.Discover the never seen beauty of Maldives
  1. Veligandu Island Beach
My Tour Advisor plans your trip in such a way that you visit each and every place. This immaculate beach is a paradise which becomes the reason that people plan to visit here.
  1. National Museum
Located in Male Island, the National Museum is reckoned to preserve historic artifacts which include history of the Maldives.
  1. Tsunami Monument
A magnificent structure is encircled with a ring like structure that gives an alluring sunset view.The list doesn’t stop here. My Tour Advisor is a perfect acquaintance for you who give you the right guidance of making cherished plans to Maldives.