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India is an incredible country that has scintillating natural beauty, splendid culture, magnificent heritage and fantastic wildlife. Tours to India are bewitching with numerous locations to visit, each one for a different reason and never-ending celebrations that leaves one mesmerized. Touring India through My Tour Advisor is great to discover the beauty and glory of this amazing country with its rich history, culture and art that leaves one fascinated. This land of diversity is spectacular with mountains in the North and beaches in the West and South; Plateau in the Centre and a Delta in the Far East. You can experience the art and culture of India by touring the Royal Rajasthan that has Forts and Palaces built by ancient Kings or Karnataka that has several mesmerizing palaces with amazing architecture. You will find different culture existing in each part of India as South India is quite different from North India. The food choices, clothes, architecture differ from state to state and it is delighting to watch such versatility that can be found only in this incredible country.

If you are looking for best bookings, accommodations and transportation facilities then My Tour Advisor has planned tours to the majestic India that helps you explore the country that is rich in its history, art and culture. These planned tours help you discover the country in a better manner as these guided tours are designed in such a manner that you get a full glimpse of the Indian Culture in every way. You can book tours to the Northern Himalayas that are full of the Monasteries, temples and spectacular valleys, glaciers etc. The Western desert and Eastern Jungles show great geographical diversities infused with different cultures. Words alone cannot describe the perplexity of India with great architectural monuments, pilgrimage sites and art done in caves and on temple walls.

Whether you want to explore backwaters of Kerala or visit the Gujarat State, we have them all designed and planned for you as complete packages which can also be customized according to your demand. Rajasthan is truly majestic with great grandeur that reflects in every palace, monument and museums. Lake Palace in Udaipur is mystical and is out of a fairy tale as it has been crafted in pure white marble amidst a quiet lake. If you are inclined towards spirituality, then places like Varanasi, Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath or Rishikesh will provide peace and tranquility to your heart. India has an interesting history which is depicted in paintings, sculptures and scriptures that speak magnificent tales from the past. India is a nation that has a rich cultural background with songs, dances, folk traditions, Paintings, writings that are cultural heritage at its peak. Ayurveda spas and treatments in India have gained immense popularity worldwide and people are visiting India to get healed naturally.

Know India in a better manner with My Tour Advisor trips that are amazing and fulfilling and will provide you with a stimulating experience that you will cherish in your heart forever so book your trip today. We design unique and ultimate tours that let you explore the destination thoroughly along with perfect guidance.