Company Profile

My Tour Adviser is an India based Tour Operator Founded in 2013.
After working for a decade as a Tour Leader and travelling around the world, we have decided to start our own activity as a tour operator in India. Our years of experience and hard working helped us to understand better what exactly a tourist want and expect while travelling in India. Our motive was to provide the best local services and to show not only Touristic India but to cover the hidden and original treasure of India.
When you visit a country as vast as India, you would want to know that how you are going to make the most of your time there. It’s vital to have the right advice from someone who knows the country well and who can ensure that an itinerary is created to match your own particular requirements… and that’s where we come in.
Consistently since 27th August 2013, as an independent travel agency, we have been arranging holidays for our clients for over 4 years and we’re delighted that many of them return to us year after year confident that we will always offer them the best value and a personalized service to meet their every requirement. We can offer accommodation starting from the budget hotels to the best and most luxurious resorts that India has to offer, where your comfort is paramount.

Why Us

MTA Gives You More In Many Ways, Than Any Other Tour Operator. We have all taken trips where the little “extras” really busted the budget. On a MTA Tour, you get an easy, hassle-free, all-in-one vacation that gives you the freedom to let your hair down and just enjoy!

Every MTA Tour includes these elements to make your vacation complete:


When it comes to sightseeing, you’ll enjoy each of the must- see attractions and you will have chance to witness special behind-the-scenes experiences, We believe in not only showing what everybody offers, but also what others don’t bother to show. We take our clients to Local Bazaars, where Local people shop, we organize street walks, Celebration of Festivals, Cooking and Dinner with Indian Families.


With MTA, transportation isn’t an afterthought. We have world class Vehicles with all the essential things. Our Drivers are fluent in English. Our Transport Vehicles are always checked before a tour by our executives, who assure their cleanliness and amenities inside. We provide free transfers when you book all-inclusive Tour, and can even coordinate your flights with your tour.


Food is a serious business to most Indians. MTA gives you the possibility to explore the variety of food from various regions of India. You may find almost 30 types of cuisines in this country. From food and wine tastings to traditional meals at local restaurants, we help you experience the culture of your destination through its cuisine.


We have carefully selected the finest hotels in every city for our precious Clients. So that they can enjoy and relax better. A comfortable stay is Guaranteed with our carefully chosen hotels that are known for their excellent location, amenities and good service.


With their vast insider knowledge, Our Expert Tour Directors and Local Guides will make your tour truly memorable and enriching. They will tell you the tales with such passion that you will feel the love, sorrow and emotions that existed in that period.


With AMPLE experience, no other Tour Operator knows INDIA like we do—(we’ve got a 97% customer satisfaction rating to prove it). With MTA, you get more in many ways. And you pay less!


■ Discounts available for group travellers, young travellers, triple rooms, early bookings, add-a-tour, and frequent travellers.

■ Our Representative and Tour Directors at airports will greet and assist you with the transfer to your hotel.

■ Expert Tour Directors, Local Assistance, and Local Guides.

■ Twin-bedded rooms with private bath or shower (hotel taxes, service   charges, Included)

■ Private deluxe motor coaches and Cars, equipped with air-conditioning and extra leg room.

■ Helpful travel documents.